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Our Roll on Scents are powerful perfume blends without the use of harsh chemicals. They are based with fractioned coconut oil and blended with rich essential oils. We pair each blend with a unique locally sourced botanical, so no two are the same. 

Roll-On Scent


Harvest: Like smelling a spicy chai in the cold winter air. Cozy & warm with cardamom notes.

Bronze: Robust and sweet with undertones of amber. The smell is reminiscent of a dripping orange creamisicle on a warm summer evening.

Desert: Key notes of palo santo and clove. If heat had a smell this would be it. 

Tumbleweed: Full of musky scents with a sweet tobacco vibe. You will feel like a (p)leather wearing cowboy ridin' at high noon.

Rosa: Bursting with floral scents, such as jasmine and rose. You will feel lovely, alluring, enchanting, elegant...need we say more? 

Wildwood: Traces of cedarwood and cardamom amongst heavier foresty oils. It takes its name quite literally and will make you feel like camping, or maybe glamping...

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